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Mute swans on Portage Lakes.

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For our project to be successful we need to know the locations of all nesting pairs. We need local lakes residents and others to help us by giving these locations for the egg addling. While this is certainly not what we would desire, it is the only way we can be assured of a nominal number of mute swans on our Portage Lakes. If you can help us with this, again contact us at:






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Attention: we need help!


In furtherance of our committee efforts to save mute swans on Portage Lakes and the end of the two year moratorium approaching, we have been asked to consider a project in conjunction with our local Department of Natural resources/Division of Wildlife.


The Division proposes our committee enlisting volunteers to locate nests and initial/follow up addling of eggs during the Spring nesting season, citing lack of funds and personnel required to perform same. The Division would train a group of six to eight volunteers for rotation. The volunteers ideally would:

 1)   be committed to keeping our mute swans on the lakes          and be willing to spend the required hours,

 2)   have a boat or access to a boat during the required time        period, and 

 3)   be physically able to perform the job after training by            the DOW.


This would not be a short term moratorium, but a long term commitment by the Division to ensure a stable, permanent mute swan population on the lakes. The control number would be established in early 2016.


If you are interested in volunteering/ or learning more about the proposed project please contact our committee at:




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